What happens when athletes of different clubs living in the same village regularly meet in the bus or by a beer? Orienteering is most obviously the topic of conversation… it’s where the idea was born of inviting the O-family to our own living room. Out of passion, a handful of athletes will turn Bremgarten into the centre of the Swiss orienteering community for a weekend, in collaboration with the local orienteering clubs of Bern and Burgdorf.

The organizing team of the national O-Weekend Bremgarten 2022 is composed of experienced Bremgarten residents and athletes attached to the village in different ways.

According to our principle of “today’s world champions are organizing for tomorrow’s world champions”, current Sprint orienteering world champion and Bremgarten resident Daniel Hubmann (picture) and Simone Niggli, 23-fold world champion and the worlds’ best orienteering runner ever, are significantly involved in the organization.


Simone Niggli (Event director; OL Regio Burgdorf; Münsingen), Peter Lyrenmann (Technical director; OL Regio Burgdorf; Bremgarten), Heinz Bürli (Infrastructure; OLG Bern; Bremgarten)


Urs Jordi and Simone Niggli (Course planner team Middle distance), Daniel Hubmann, Daniel Leibundgut und Matthias Niggli (Course planner team Sprint/Knock-Out Sprint), Christian Wehrli (Start), Stephan Bernhard (Finish and Knock-Out Sprint), Rolf Flückiger (Result Service), Elisabeth Oppliger (Event Office), Christine Jenzer (Catering), Martin Tschumi (Traffic, Security), Dres Keller (arena), Andrea Duppenthaler (Medical), Pascale Keller (Finance), Jürg Bucher (Sponsoring), Matthias Lerf (PR, Media, Guests), Lukas Jenzer (school event, speaker service, top runners), Rolf Giezendanner (Webmaster).


Simone Niggli, 079 396 92 27, [email protected]

Assisting clubs:

OLG Bern: 320 members, founded 1956 in Bern, president Matthias Lerf (Bern)
OL Regio Burgdorf (ex OLV Hindelbank): 250 members, founded 1974 at Burgdorf, president Stephan Bernhard (Willadingen)