OL Bremgarten 2020

Refund of entry fees

Runners registered for the Bremgarten O-Weekend 2020 will get partial reimbursement of entry fees. A small amount will be deduced to cover for organizational expenses (CHF 29 minus 5, 19 minus 3, 14 minus 2). This policy is according to the Swiss Orienteering rules and is approved by the jury.

Please fill the online form providing your name, address, e-mail and bank account (IBAN and full address of bank). In case of team or family entry, only one form is needed.

Link to online form: https://forms.gle/qMCmuno8VHacAc249

Deadline for reimbursement requests is May 31, 2020.

Instead of reimbursement, you may donate your fee to the Swiss Solidarity fundraising for people affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Please mark on the form.

Of non-requested fees, half of the amount will be given to the Swiss Solidarity, and half will be used for our future o-race.

Last but not least: We warmly welcome you to the Bremgarten O-Weekend on 09/10 April 2022!


Bremgarten National Orienteering Weekend 2020: postponed to 2022
The Corona pandemia has forced us to cancel the National Orienteering Weekend in Bremgarten bei Bern for the year 2020. The package of measures announced today by the swiss government includes a ban on events with more than 100 persons. Health and security have now first priority. Our competitions will most likely be postponed to beginning of April 2022.
The entry portal go2ol.ch is closed. Reimbursement of the entry fees needs be defined (a charge will be deducted). Details will be communicated later.

We are looking forward to a rescheduled edition of our competitions and thank you for the awesome interest in our o-event.

Bremgarten bei Bern, 14 March 2020
Lukas Jenzer, Heinz Bürli and Peter Lyrenmann
Board of the National O-Weekend Bremgarten 2020

„Hurrying Slowly“

Welcome to the National Orienteering Weekend in Bremgarten bei Bern in spring 2020!

From 4th to 5th April 2020, the Swiss orienteering family is gathering in Bremgarten bei Bern. Around 1500 runners of all ages will compete at each of the two national orienteering competitions.

On Saturday, a Middle distance race will take place in the pretty forest of Löörwald-Riederewald. Entitled as 50th Berner Einzel-OL, for all classes (except H/D 10 and 12, Open) a parallel start – first time ever in Switzerland – with forked loops will be organized. Careful map reading at high running speed is required while in close contact with co-competitors.

On Sunday, entitled as the 60th Hindelbanker OL, a Sprint competition is planned in the village of Bremgarten, where tricky residential areas, the steep slopes of the river Aare and challenging route choices are awaiting you.

The same day, entitled as the 12th Simone-Niggli-Challenge, Elite (DE and HE) and Junior runners (D20 and H20) will compete in a Knock-Out Sprint, the World Orienteering Championships‘ newest competition format. Compete on the courses of our mapper, multiple Sprint-World Champion and Bremgarten resident Daniel Hubmann!

A triple of «Hurrying Slowly»,  according to old Bernese saying !