Bremgarten was founded around year 1000: On the peninsula of the Aare river, a wooden fort and a roman church were built. For two centuries fort and church were the centre of a small medieval city that was first documented in 1185 and changed ownership several times thereafter.

Bremgarten experienced a first construction expansion in the 18th century: The castle was reconstructed and country residences, big farmhouses as well as small-scale farms and commercial buildings were built. From 1950 on, construction florishes in Bremgarten. The farming village turns into a suburban community with family homes and residential complexes. Fortunately, the Aare river valley, the protected area of the steep slope called «Hoger» and the Birchiplateau with the Riederenwald around the Büsselimoos, a protected marsh area, are kept intact as a vaste recreation area.

Today, Bremgarten is a most attractive residential space. With the Aare river and the forest of Bremgarten as a natural border to the city of Bern, the village holds a high level living quality in green surroundings. The proximity to the city on the other hand ensures access to the extensive social and cultural offers of the city of Bern.